Frankfurt Fifteen

That early life phenomenon that so many American college students experience during their freshman year fueled by freedom, 2 am schmuffins from Sheetz, and a meal plan that just won’t quit is, I’m sad to say, not necessarily an isolated experience. The same

10 Awesome Things about Frankfurt- A Brief List

SSausage There is pretty much a sausage stand on every corner.

Home Leave (me alone)

Like most individuals headed towards their first Home Leave, dreams of tacos, cheeses, and shoes that fit danced in my naive head for weeks.


I love English. I want to fill a bathtub with English and soak in it. When I walk into a restaurant tentatively prepared to speak Chinese and am asked in English “two people?” I can’t help but sigh in relief. Chinese is really hard, and my retention is pretty unfortunate, but it would be nice to retain a good chunk of what I’ve learned before we leave.

Bali to Beijing – Notes and Photos

Tex and I have a limited amount of time left in Asia.

Kingdom of Wonder

Cambodia: Kingdom of Wonder I wondered a lot of things on our recent trip to Siem Reap.

Ain’t missin’ you at all…

I’ve written a lot over the last eighteen months about how things in Taipei