About Me

Greetings Blog Visitors,

I’m Vegas*.  My husband Tex* and I are currently in Tunis, Tunisia for our third Foreign Service post.  This blog is a means of communication with my friends and family as well as a way to chronicle our lives in the Foreign Service.  It was so helpful to me to read the experiences of others when I first found out that we were moving abroad.  

Some background:

Tex passed his OA in July of 2012.  Six months later we were both in Falls Church, VA crossing our fingers for a great post and making a whole slew of new friends.  Six months after that we found ourselves drinking our morning coffee on our balcony overlooking hot and humid Taipei.  After a follow up tour in Frankfurt, Germany, we now find ourselves in Tunis, Tunisia until 2019.

Life as an EFM:

Life as an EFM (eligible family member) can be great.  You’re able to travel the globe with your spouse and have wonderful experiences, but unless you have a portable career, you may find yourself on the hunt for meaningful work, drowning in security clearance paperwork, and trying to maintain some semblance of a schedule.  In Taipei alone I served as a rover, our employee association manager, and CLO. In Frankfurt, I worked as an assistant in the EXO office at USAID.  I’ve been around the block in terms of EFM employment. 


*Tex is not from Texas though he owns a lovely pair of cowboy boots.  I am not from Vegas though I can’t help but love bright and shiny things.  Names have been changed for funsies.