10 Awesome Things about Frankfurt- A Brief List

There is pretty much a sausage stand on every corner.  In fact, there is so much meat here that Tex and I are forced to limit our meat intake to special occasions to make up for the vast amount of sausage we consumed in our first couple of months.

The volume and variety of cheeses at our local grocery store is both welcome and overwhelming.

We recycle everything here – the local grocery store accepts bottle returns by machine, there are consignment shops everywhere, and people are pretty green in general.

There are festivals just about every weekend, from street food to Oktoberfest. We accidentally run into them all the time. One time we were headed to a wine festival downtown and ran into a farm festival on the way.

European and American clothing and shoe sizes
H & M has about 4 locations downtown. It’s glorious.

Air Quality
We have generally exceptional air quality every day.

Green Space
The local parks are well maintained and plentiful.  People go picnicking and frolicking frequently.

Regional Travel
We’re planning LOCAL trips to Spain, Italy, France, Hugary…

Pretty much everyone speaks at least working English.  I’m putting an effort into learning some German, but people just talk back to me in English.

Cheaper than water.