Home Leave (me alone)

Like most individuals headed towards their first Home Leave, dreams of tacos, cheeses, and shoes that fit danced in my naive head for weeks.  I imagined Home Leave to be a 6 week vacation during which I would spend my days shopping in familiar environments and being worshipped by my friends and family while I regaled them with tales of Taiwan and my misadventures.  I ignored the warnings about finances, time spent with relatives, how crazy busy we would be, and exhaustion. Perhaps I should have listened.

We did some of it to ourselves.  We planned a trip to Las Vegas on our way to Pennsylvania.  Do you know the worst plan?  I’ll tell you – getting off a plane in LAX after a 13 hour flight and DRIVING 4 hours to Las Vegas at night…on a Friday…during a huge electronic music festival.  We had fun, but it did not serve it’s intended purpose.  There was this thought that it would “reset” us in terms of jet lag and give us a chance to blow off some steam.  It did not. I was so jet lagged that I ordered a hotdog at a taco restaurant.

The whole trip was a crazy whirl-wind escapade. We’re both excited to travel around Europe, but I can certainly wait another two years for the excitement of Home Leave.

Things that were NOT awesome about Home Leave:
Over planning.
Jet lag.
Spending twice as much while making half as much.

Things that were awesome about Home Leave:
Seeing people.

Lessons learned for next time:
Don’t eat too many tacos.
Get an Air BnB.
Say ‘no’ twice as much.
Plan some down time.