Japan Adventure

Last month Tex and I took the short flight to Japan for a 4 day trip through Osaka and Kyoto.  We saw castles and forests, temples and waterfronts. It was all pretty amazing.  We ate entirely too much ramen and not nearly enough sushi.

There was a relieving comfort to our travel in Japan.  Since we already live in an Asian city, we had pre-set expectations that were certainly met.  For example, we expected that the public transportation would be clean and well maintained.  We also expected to see wacko foods like noodles… on a sandwich.  A noodle hoagie if you will.  And, after already having the convenience of a 7-11 on every corner, we just expected to see them. The thing we did not expect from our Japan 7-11 was that the store had both a cold refrigerator and a hot box.  So, when picking up a can of nice refreshing coffee drink, you also picked up a second degree burn.  Maybe that’s an exaggeration.  It was hot though. And metal. Maybe it’s nice in winter.

We squeezed a whole new city out of the deal when Typhoon VongFong struck Okinawa and we had to stay in Japan a few extra nights – Kobe.

Kobe was my favorite city of the three.  It was more laid back, full of amazing meat, and I got to spend some quality time with  nocturnal birds of prey.