The Wet Market

Ah, yes, the wet market.  Where else can you buy broccoli, apples, and a delicious array of meat chunks and innards? I’m all for sweetbreads, fois gras, and the occassional pork knuckle, but all those things seem a little less elegant when sold by the jin (2/3 of a kilogram – whatever a kilogram is) and flopped on a table next to a pig hoof still attached to its hindquarters.

We haven’t purchased meat at the market.  Vendors are seen touching money and meat simultaneously.  I haven’t seen a rubber glove since we arrived. Why does putting meat in a plastic container, wrapping it in plastic wrap, and refridgerating it on a shelf seem so much better?  I guess few people want to see how the sausage is made. *

So, why do we go?

This bountiful harvest of veggies and fruits is all organic (whatever that means in Taiwan) and about half the cost of the imported stuff at the grocery store.  Also, it’s about the only place I can get enough veggies to make a decent hot pot at home.
veggies at home

    Things you can buy at the local wet market:

Beautiful flowers
Pig chunks
Fresh fruits
Chicken feet
Homemade noodles by weight
Ugly shoes



*I know someone who buys their meat at the wet market.  They are still alive at the time of this posting.