Bidding Wars

It’s bidding time again for us vagabonds, and it ain’t easy. Tex and I have spent HOURS pouring over information to determine which posts we should put high, or medium. Or high-medium. Or high-low. Or really, really low-low.

Last time we only had to organize 11 posts in order of “Yeah, send us there!” to “Oh, HELL no.” This time we have 31 different posts.  We have to consider so many factors that we use a quantitative method of bidding.

We give each of the following a weight (Safety is tantamount to our survival, so we give it a heavy weight while internet speed is of less importance, so it gets a lighter weight.) THEN, we give each section a number between 1 and 5. In the end, each post has its own score.

–   Safety

–   Hardship (how difficult it will be to feel at home)

–   EFM employment opportunities

–   the Human Development Index

–   Tex’s job description

–   Population

–   Internet speed (yes, it’s a factor)

–   Travel options/Proximity to culture

We’re very excited, of course.  It’s amazing to think of all the places we might live.  We watch all of the travel shows we can find about Sao Paulo and Montevideo.  We read first-hand accounts of people living in Belgium and Ulaanbaatar. We talk to friends currently living in Vienna and Frankfurt about what they like and don’t like in their post.

Then, after all this weighing, researching, and measuring, we usually wind up with a post at the top of the list that makes us say, “Oh, HELL no.” So, we start all over again. THEN, we get sent to a place that we never thought possible – like Taipei. :)