2013 In Review

As 2013 ended and the New Year began Tex and I reminisced about the previous year. Most years we talk about how we took a vacation or bought a new piece of furniture, but 2013 was very different.  At the very end of 2012 we both quit our jobs in preparation for joining the Foreign Service. A little over a year later it’s hard to imagine how much has changed in our lives. We took so many risks, brought our relationship into a new and stressful world, and really changed the relationships we have with other people.  I very much look forward to 2014 but I am still exhausted from 2013.


We took a cruise to the Caribbean.
We moved to Falls Church, VA.
Tex started Orientation.


We had our Flag Day and learned that we were moving to Taipei, Taiwan – a completely unexpected tour for us.


I started taking Mandarin classes which I continue today.


We had multiple house visitors all saying their farewells.
We finally settled into a groove in Falls Church.


We took a vacation to wine country and San Francisco.
We moved to freaking Taiwan.


I started interviewing for positions both at AIT and on the local market.
We received our HHE shipment (Household Effects).


My security clearance began for the position of Cleared Roving Support.
We celebrated Tex’s birthday.


Tex and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary in Taiwan.
We celebrated my birthday.
We took a CLO trip to the small town of Jiu Fen.


We took a trip to Bangkok.
We went to our first Marine Ball.
We celebrated our first Thanksgiving abroad in Wulai.


I got a job as the AITEA Store Manager.
We took a trip to the town of Yingge with some friends.
We celebrated our first Christmas abroad.