Lost in Translation

What I was trying to order: “Watermelon juice”

What I really ordered: “Western few juice.”


What they were trying to tell me: “You owe 5NT”  (NT is the currency in Taiwan)

What I responded:  “No thank you, I don’t want a bag.”


What my teacher asked me: “Where do you often go to buy things?”

What I answered: “I eat often.”

After this last doozy my teacher taught me this useful phrase.



Traditional characters




                   This means “the chicken talks to the duck.”  In other words – I have no idea what you said because I’m not a duck and you certainly sound like a chicken.  It’s a phrase used when people can’t communicate with each other.

So, I’m obviously still learning the local language.

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  1. Lopes
    Aug 30, 2013

    Love it! “The chicken talks to the duck.” This is just like all of my conversations with my six-year-old. I’m using this all the time. Can you add an audio file of you pronouncing this?

    Love from Lopes

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