Mysterious Morsels

I’m assuming that this will be a multi-part series judging from vast amounts of interesting food I’ve discovered here in only a few weeks.  This is by no means a food blog but it’s hard not to share these delightful finds.

For starters, they put tiny fish in the rice snack mix.  I’m not kidding.  It looks like regular ol’ snack mix, and then, there is a fish.  A WHOLE, tiny fish.cropped tiny fish

Tex said it was pretty gross.  Maybe he just needs to get used to eating little, salty, tiny, crunchy fish.  I don’t plan on getting used to it.

I later discovered that there is, in fact, a tiny fish on the bag.  In my defense I was completely jet lagged when I purchased this snack.  Lesson

Now we can move on to the ever delicious Denmark Burger.  What is a Denmark Burger you ask?

I still have no idea.  I Googled Denmark burger but I don’t think this is the same recipe:

denmark burger

This multi-layered breakfast sandwich consists of egg, processed cheese, lettuce, tomato all on a croissant bun.  What could make this sandwich better?

Yup, you guessed it, Thousand Island dressing. ?

Tex and I were both hungry enough to enjoy it but we didn’t truly understand it.  I’m not sure what food shops in Taiwan think of Scandinavian cuisine, but it definitely involves Thousand Island dressing*. I might try something different next time.

Last, but certainly not least, in this snack mix is the dragon fruit.  Taiwan has tons of interesting fruits and vegetables.  They have avocados and mangoes here the size of your head.  Out of the dozens of choices at the market the dragon fruit was the most difficult to resist. So, we bought one.

Isn’t it beautiful and scary?

dragon fruit_crop

The inside is even cooler.

dragon fruit_crop_round_inside


I found the flavor a bit lacking. I like stronger flavors.  It was sweet and the seeds are totally edible, kind of like a kiwi fruit.  It reminded me a lot of star fruit – a whole lot of buildup and then… meh.  Tex seemed to enjoy it.  I think I might just be an apple girl.


* Since starting this post I’ve found Thousand Island Dressing everywhere.  It’s on pre-made salads, there are three different brands at the grocery store, and they put it on sandwiches.  Feel free to enlighten me on this phenomenon. Wikipedia hasn’t given me any insight.

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  1. 2nd Story Man
    Aug 12, 2013

    Thousand Island dressing is *good*. Great pic of the dragon fruit!

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